Long Lasting Interior Anti-Bacterial Coating

Unilize+ used photocatalyst technology by embracing the usage of Nano-TiO2 formulation. TiO2 is non-toxic and considered a safe substance, harmless to human. The solution sterilize and destroys bacteria, viruses, mold. Ultimately Unilize+ neutralize odours, reducing VOC & NOx & enhanced indoor air quality level, providing a safe & comfort living experience 24/7; containing self-binding capabilities allowing the solution last up to one year & above.

Physical :Liquid
Color :Slightly White
Odor :No Odor
Finishing :Ultra-thin transparent layer
Film Thickness :<1 Microns
Coverage :200m²/Litre
Shelf Life :Sealed 18 months / Opened 6 months
Curing Time :Instant
Layer :Multiple allowed
Applications :HPLV or Electrostatic Spray
Durability :Depend on the Coating Level