ceramic coatings

A cleaner, happier space

Cooking meals for your family should be a joyous occasion but no-one likes to deal with the hard to clean mess it can leave behind. And lets face it, stainless steel never looks stainless and white stones don't stay white!

Marble or Granite Protection

Nano Ceramic Coatings will deepen the colors or your stone, makes it glossier and create a  very liquid repellent surface. Once applied, it protects the surface from all sorts of stains & scratches while still allowing the stone to breathe. Theres no need for waxes or sealants once the product is applied. You won’t even need 409! Have more of a matte finish to your countertops? No worries- we can provide the same protection without the gloss if thats what you’d prefer!

Stainless Steel and Chrome

Fingerprints, water marks and soap build-up ruin the look of your home and are a hassle to remove. Your faucets, handles and appliances will always sparkle the way they were meant to after being coated by our Ceramic Coatings. No more scrubbing or using harsh chemicals to get those stuck on spots off. Its literally as easy as soap, water and a towel.

Solid Surfaces (Corian) Protection

Solid Surfaces such as Corian are meant to last the test of time- and they do! However, over time they a VERY susceptible to scratches and stains. Although its a more in depth process, we can help restore your Corian to its original scratch free beauty and protect it from future wear and tear!

Wood Protection

Our Coatings offers protection to wood surfaces, including wooden floors, kitchen cabinets. It can be used instead of oils, stains and sealants. The coating prevents UV rays and water from damaging the surface.

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