ceramic coatings

Each unique surface gets its own unique coating

Not all surfaces are the same and they shouldn't be coated the same way either

Fabric Protection

Our Ceramic Coatings modifies the surface of fabric or suede so that when liquids come in contact with it they form beads and simply roll off keeping the fabric completely dry. This enables the fabric, suede and tissue surfaces to be resistant to water/dust and all other liquids without affecting the factory look and feel.

Leather Protection

With our Coatings Leather will stay cleaner for a longer time and become protected from dirt and grime getting ingrained into them. Our coating also features a super hydrophobic effect which enables any liquid spills to simply bead up on the surface and be easily wiped off without affecting the leather. UV Resistance of the coating will help to reduce aging of leather due to UV damage and keep it soft while preserving the factory look and feel.

Plastic Protection

Ceramic Plastic is a unique coating for plastic and rubber surfaces suitable for both interior and exterior use. Plastic and rubber surfaces that have been coated will feature a super hydrophobic effect with excellent wear resistance. The coating will add a moderate sheen to the surface making it a great permanent finish for both exterior and interior plastics no matter if they are new or need restoration.

Metal or Brass Protection

Ceramic coating that can offer excellent scratch resistance and permanent bonding to the surface.  It creates an effective barrier by chemically binding to the surface which provides an easy-to-clean effect and protects from water, dirt, grease and other stains. Protected material can be cleaned numerous times without having to reapply the solution. Our Coating is resistant to solvents, acids, bases and chemicals..

Glass Protection

coating specifically designed for glass. It has excellent durability and clarity. Its super hydrophobic effect  allows water to simply bead up and flow right off the glass. Our Glass Coatings lasts for up to 5 years in glass building/construction application.  It will also keep the glass cleaner for a longer time since dirt and grime will no longer stick to it.

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