UniGard-S06 (Uni-S06) can be applied on any solid and non-porous surface. As a result, it enhances the coated surface with exceptional glossiness, smoothness, and hydrophobic effect. Single layer of coating is able to last up to 6 months and it can be applied multiple layers to patch up the existing layer.
Applicable on all exterior surfaces: Windscreen, body, plastic, alloy & etc.


Can also be used as maintenance coating.
Soft layer allows easy and better levelling; suitable for Do It Yourself or inexperienced car detailer.
Highly Alkaline detergent may affect performances durability.
No waxing required.
Properties : Water based and non-odour
Preparation(s) : Wash, clay, polish, scrub by using BodyScrub, and dry the surface with microfiber cloth.
Fast action coating, minimal curing time needed, affordable, and can be reused every quarter.