NOLI-Q WPF-LIQUID SILICA consisted of latest hybrid composition of penetration and film forming formulation. It creates a glossy finishing layer which has extreme protection against stain and graffiti; also uniquely, vandalism and advertisement stickers can be easily removed. Coated surface can also work as discussion whiteboard on wall whereby marker can be written and easily removed.

On wood surfaces, the first layer of application penetrates into the substrate capillaries and forms a waterproof layer; on second layer, it works as finishing lacquer with gloss and strong UV protection; preventing it from wrapping and decay. The cures film has excellent resistance against scratch and mechanical abrasion due to the high hardness and chemical inert finishing nature. At the same time it provides promising durability even from constant detergent wash, and also excellent acidic or alkaline surface protection.

Applications Area
• Any wall type (painted or non-painted) for anti graffiti and worked as whiteboard
• Any surface as easy vandalism sticker removal
• Any metal type for complete anti oxidation & stain repellent
• Wood as waterproofing and finishing lacquer
• Concrete flooring for waterproofing and superior stain repellent
• Tiles for gloss rejuvenation, anti-staining and moderate slip resistance

Surface Preparation (Pre-Application)
A proper surface preparation helps to ensure maximum performance and durability of our coatings. The surface must be completely clean from grimes, dirt, dust & grease. Use our KLEAN-ORGANIC remover for mold and fungus removing or heavy duty degreaser for heavy stained surface.

Make sure the surface is completely dry and the application surface is below 35 Celsius. Separate the surface into small sections. Apply roller covering the surface horizontally and vertically, leave the solution to level by itself which usually takes up to 5 minutes. For non-absorbent tiles finishing, single layer is sufficient; for absorbent surface apply WPF-LIQUID SEALER as first layer e.g. concrete & stone surfaces second layer with WPF-LIQUID SILICA to be apply after 4 hours.