NOLI-Q WP-WOOD is a solvent based protection coating providing excellent waterproofing features on all wood surfaces. Differ from other types of coating, NOLI-Q WP-Wood has a transparent finishing which penetrates into the substrates and perform inner coats, whilst the pores of the substrates remains breathable after coated. NOLI-Q WP-WOOD protects wood surface from moisture damages, causing swelling, color fading, cracks, organic fungal growth; by waterproof and blocks all the incoming moisture / vapor from penetrating into it.
NOLI-Q WP-WOOD also can be used as waterproofing primer before finishing lacquer, allowing different staining and texture profile being overpaint on top of it. Best
application to be use on outdoor and indoor food furniture. Unlike conventional waterproofing coatings, TECON WPWOOD leave no trace on the coated surface; it is invisible and it will not alter the original natural appearance of the substrate. The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment; durable strong abrasion & mechanical wear resistant.

Applications Area
Outdoor wood furniture
• External wood decking
• Wooden door
• Composite wood
• MDF & HDF panel
• Solid wood surfaces
• Priming wood surface
before top coat as waterproofing protection from
moisture damage

Surface Preparation (Pre-Application)
A proper surface preparation helps to ensure maximum performance and durability of our coatings. The surface must be completely clean from grimes, dirts, dust & grease. Let the surface dry
of completely before application.

POST TREATMENT: Application can be done either by roller, brush
or sprayer. Apply adequately throughout the surface, make sure
the surface is damp with the product. Second layer can be applied
within 15 minutes from applying the first layer. Leave the surface
dry and cure for the next 24 hours, avoid contact with water