NOLI-Q WF-GLASS SELF-CLEANING is based on combination of silicone polymer and nano titanium dioxide technology, it reacts with the atmospheric moisture and self-assemble into ultra-thin layer of three dimensional structured coating layer; whilst the material strongly bonds to the surface in Nano-scale thickness and it is completely invisible. These structure gives the glass an extremely durable super hydrophilic & anti fogging effect.

NOLI-Q WF-GLASS SELF CLEANING actively comprise of two elements, while providing non-sticking and easy cleaning effect, during rainy days when the coated surface comes in contact with water, the water turns into a unify “sheet” of water (super hydrophilic) bringing & flushing away all the physical pollutant contaminant easily; when the water drys off, there is no trail of water beads marking remains on the surface. NOLIQ-Q WF-GLASS SELF CLEANING coated surface also works very well on solar panel maintain their original efficiency by creating clean and clear transmission glass medium with auto pollutant decomposition and self cleaning effects.

Applications Area
• Exterior glass panel
• External building glass facades
• Sun roof (Glass)
• Solar panel
• Glass panel

Surface Preparation (Pre-Application)
A proper surface preparation helps to ensure maximum performance and durability of our coatings. The surface must be completely clean from grimes, dirt, dust & grease. Use our degreaser for normal cleaning or Watermark Remover to remove severed stained surface.

Make sure the surface is completely dry and the application surface is below 35 Celsius. Separate the surface into small sections. Apply with applicator cloth covering the surface horizontally and vertically, leave dry. Visible residue during the application process shows overwhelmed solution has been used.