NOLI-Q WF-GLASS Clean & Coat is developed as one of the fastest glass panel coating with instant curing after application. Simply spray and wipe on glass surfaces, it provides mild cleaning whilst it creates ultra-thin layer of protection coatings. Immediately after the application, the material bonds to the surface and the coating will self-assemble into the formulated and ultra-thin coating layer.
NOLI-Q WF-GLASS Clean & Coat glass protection coating provides water & stain repellency, providing “Easy Cleaning” effect whereby adhesion of dirt, pollutant, stain, etc is greatly reduced. Providing with the hydrophobic characteristics, water runs off the glass panel surface easily and
wash off dirt / dust during the rain or just by simple rinsing.
The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment.
NOLI-Q WF-GLASS Clean & Coat can be use as maintenance agent during every cycle of glass cleaning, it has mild cleaning capability while it lay the coating on top of the glass panel at the same time. It is fast, easy and instant.

Applications Area
Shower screens
• Mirror
• Windows
• Exterior sun roof
• Exterior glass panels

Surface Preparation (Pre-Application)
A proper surface preparation helps to ensure maximum performance
and durability of our coatings. The surface must be completely clean
from grimes, dirts, dust & grease. Use our degreaser for normal
cleaning or Watermark Remover to remove severed stained surface.

Make sure the surface is completely dry and the application surface is below 35 Celsius. Spray directly to the glass panel surface
and level it by using microfiber suede cloth, leave it for 1 minute
and buff off all the remaining streak mark with microfiber cloth.
The coating cured instantly and no waiting time is needed.